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What is Janata Cabinet?

Every person in the society is knowledgeable about some subject, everyone has some experience or the other. Taking advantage of the same knowledge and experience of the society, the name of a real democratic system is “Janata cabinet” because the people responsible for making policies for the general public in closed AC rooms, sometimes spend the hard earned money of poor people in unreasonable schemes also. 

From the central level to the state, assembly and polling booth level, directly to the various 30 departments like – education, health, employment, road, finance, construction, army, rural development, sports, telecommunication … etc. – etc. Janata cabinet are being made in which any person from the society will have the right to participate and put forth their problems, suggestions, proposals and ideas.

There cannot be direct democracy in such a large country and referendum on every subject is also not practical, but through “Janata cabinet” real democracy will be formed because the people will have their own government which will not be in closed room but on the suggestions of the people. Will be bound to work with complete transparency.

Since in the Janata cabinet, doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, professors, economists, scholars, ex-servicemen, former officers and employees of the departments and all experienced people of the society will be the advisors of their respective departments, therefore the decisions taken by the public cabinet are definitely Will be practical and will bring far-reaching results.

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